No-Vanity Solutions

I don’t have a vanity, nor the space in which to put one even if I did. And since we live in a small, older house, our bathroom sinks are small, with no counter space (save about enough to set a bottle or two without them falling into the sink) – so doing my makeup in the bathroom isn’t a great option since I have to set all of my products on the back of the toilet. However, the lighting in our bathroom is also terrible for makeup, along with most of the other lighting in our house. So you see my problem here?

I’ve been trying for a little while now to figure out a solution to my problem, since I don’t really have a good place (in regard to space and lighting) to apply makeup. Here is the setup that I recently started using:20141114_095103_1:

It might not look the prettiest, but it’s actually been working really well for me. I found an old piece of shelving (no idea why I had it), and when I want to put makeup on I just set it on my bed, facing my window to get the best lighting, set my mirror and products on top of it, and sit cross-legged on my bed. Not the best solution, but it was free and it works!

However, I just thought of a better solution this morning. I think I’m going to purchase this bed serving tray from Target ($18.99), so that my pseudo-vanity surface will be raised up more, and then I can continue to do my makeup on my bed in front of my window. But I’m also looking for a good light (or lighted mirror) for applying makeup for when it’s really cloudy outside or dark. If you have any suggestions, let me know!!


First Post!

So I decided to start a blog, because excessively long captions on Instagram just don’t cut it for some things. I also created a new Instagram account so that I don’t scare away all of the people I know in real life by constantly posting about makeup! I’ve never had a successful blogging experience before, so we’ll see how this one goes – I’m going to try to keep up with it and post regularly, so hopefully some of you out there in the internet-world will see this and find it interesting!