New hair! And headband curls?

I got my hair chopped! I decided on Thursday night that I was bored with my hair, so I went to the salon on Friday after work and got a shoulder-length, angled bob. So far I’m loving it! There are obviously more photos on Instagram (@MsJuliaRuby).


I’ve had my hair various different lengths and styles in my lifetime, from super duper long (like down-to-my-bootay long) to shoulder-length to boy short – but I’ve also always been super low maintenance when it comes to my hair. For a while I straightened it when it was long, but then I decided that was too much work. So with my new hair cut, I’m trying to figure out some ways to style it.

One of my go-to styling techniques for any length (if it’s long enough to work) is braiding my hair after I shower, and then sleeping on it. It comes out kind of crimpy-looking waves, which I like a lot of the time. However, last night I wanted to see if I could get my hair to curl.

My hair is naturally straight and thin (which is sad because it used to be wavy and SUPER thick when I was younger), so it doesn’t really get any natural curl, except the little flip-up at the end which is just annoying. But I also try not to use heat on my hair except for occasional blow drying if I’m in a hurry, or straightening my bangs if they’re being annoying. So I decided to try headband curls and see how that would work with short hair. After I showered, I let me hair dry a little so that it was just damp, and then put it up in a headband. The photo below is from the next morning (try to ignore the headband line on my forehead…I moved the headband before doing my makeup) – as you can see, the baby hairs on the back of my head wriggled themselves free of the headband during the night.


And once I took the headband out and combed through the curls with my fingers…holy curls!



My hair was very, very curly. And in hindsight, I should have waited a little bit for the curls to droop a little before I hair sprayed but, as those of you with straight and thin hair would probably understand, I preemptively went to town on the hairspray as soon as the headband was out, for fear that my curls would go limp really quickly.
However, the curls did look pretty cute in a hat.


Ten hours later, after a lot of running my fingers through my hair, a couple of times putting it up in a ponytail, and two ventures out into the cold under a hat, this is what my hair looks like.


Its definitely fallen quite a bit, and looks a little less Shirley Temple-esque. My one real issue with this technique is that, since my hair is shorter in the back, the hair on the back of my head doesn’t get curled like the rest, it just kind of gets curled up once, and looks awkward compared to the rest (as seen in the photo below).


I may be able to remedy this in the future by using two different headbands and having on rest higher on the back of my head to curl the longer pieces in the back along with the short, bottom pieces that got curled up this time. This isn’t a favorite technique for my hair after this first time trying it, but I’ll try it again with two headbands. If you have any tips or suggestions for me about styling, let me know!!

Also, I did a fun eye makeup look on Sunday for the Packers game, and that’s also posted on Instagram if you’d like to see it!


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